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Thank you for your visiting. As a professional kitchen sink manufacturer in China, we at Pablo are dedicated to providing superior service to customers, in addition to high quality products. Our service team has concluded the detailed questions for reference to eliminate customers' worries when they use our products.


1. Frequently asked questions about stainless steel kitchen sink
Will the stainless steel kitchen sink rust?

Rust at the bottom of the sink: it is not a quality problem. In most cases the metal impurities left in the water pipe of a newly decorated house accumulate at the bottom of the sink, which causes this problem. You can clean the sink with toothpaste or talcum powder. The rust will disappear after normal use.
Attention: please don't disinfect the stainless steel sink with concentrated disinfectant, which can easily destroy the stainless steel surface. For ordinary daily abration, our sink will not rust as long as you clean it frequently.


Why do stains appear on the sink surface? 
Generally these stains are alkaline deposits, which will possibly occur because of the hardness of the drinking water(local tap water supplier can provide these kinds of information). Those alkaline deposits, containing a large number of dirt particles, can form ugly stains in a short time.
Iron molecules and rusty spots in water pipes will cause the stains of the sink as well, especially for those houses which have just been furnished or renovated.


How to prevent the stains?
The best way to prevent these stains is to dry the sink immediately after use. If the stains have already formed on the surface, any kind of stainless steel sink detergent can be used to get rid of them.


2. For more information, please refer to the two tables below

Phenomenon Reason Solution
Bottom rust after installation Metal fragments left in the water pipe Wipe slightly along the texture with scouring pad or toothpaste.
Scratch, partial bump, bending or black speckles on the surface Transportation, extrusion or collision in installation; not quality problem Examine products on the spot, or cannot distinguish the responsibility after sales
Roughness of the frame Transportation, extrusion or collision in installation Reverse reset
Finger mark on the sink Not quality problem Wipe with scouring pad or neutral detergent.
Surface chromatic aberration Different batch of material or polishing technique If it cannot be distinguished by eye from one meter away, it is considered as conformity.
Sealing off and welding wear Quality problem Replace the product
Failure Reason Solution
No water flow or small water flow Excessive expectation from customers Measure the water flow
Pipe blocking Remove the bubble device, open the faucet to check the water current, wash the filter screen and reinstall it.
Improper installation Check if the hose for water delivery is distorted.
Water drops or leaks after turning off the faucet. Spool sealing failure. Change the spool sealing ring or the spool.
Water drops or leaks for a while but then stops after turning off the faucet The bubble device of the faucet is blocked by impurities. Dismount the bubble device, wash the filter screen and reinstall it.
Leakage at the turning place of the water delivery pole Sealing ring, O ring failure Change sealing ring, O ring.
Leakage below the surface of the table Leakage at the water supply hose or joint of the faucet Change the water supply hose or the joint.
O rubber ring leaks at the joint of the faucet and the sink. Change O rubber ring.
Large noise when delivering water The water pipe or the faucet is not fixed stably or the water pressure is too high. Adjust the pipe or the faucet.
Impurities inside the faucet Wash the faucet.
The filter screen of the spout of the faucet is washed out. Rust of the filter screen Change the filter screen
Tight rotation of the water-delivery pole Tight base nut Loosen the base nut properly.
Poor lubrication Add lubricant oil properly.
Tight bat-handle switch Impurities inside the spool Take apart and wash the spool.
Reverse position of hot water and cold water Reverse installation of the spool or water supply hose Adjust the spool or the hose


Our company is located in Shanghai, the largest city in China. This locations provides us with easy access to low cost land and labor, in addition to convenient sea, land and air transportation. This contribute to reducing our production costs, enabling us to offer customers economically priced stainless steel kitchen sinks and granite kitchen sinks.

Thank you for your visiting. PABLO is looking forward to cooperating with global buyers!

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